Men with erectile dysfunction work worse and are more likely to skip work


Men with erectile dysfunction (in everyday life called impotence) work less productively, more often take sick leave or just skip work. This showed a large-scale study involving residents of eight countries.

Until 20 years ago, American scientists counted more than 150 million impotent people in the world and predicted an increase to 322 million by 2025. There are no exact world statistics on this, but it is known, for example, that only 10% of men do not know worries in bed, and in half of cases misfires occur before the age of 45. In Italy, one in four members of the stronger sex is under 40. A third of Britons under the age of 30 are also familiar with the problem.

Earlier studies had already noted that productivity was falling for such workers, but the data were rather scarce. The authors of the new paper, researchers from the University of Texas and the University of California, used data collected from national surveys of men 40 to 70 years old in the U.S., France, Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil and China, which in the United States A total of almost 53,000 people were covered. Man. They assessed the degree of sexual impotence on a scale from one (missing) to five (maximum expressed). The level of education and income, marital status, bad habits, physical activity and other factors were also taken into account. The indicator of reduced productivity was a questionnaire, where participants indicated the number of days missed and mistakes made at work.

The results were disappointing: about half of men suffered from erectile dysfunction in one way or another. The number of sufferers ranged from 45 to 55% depending on the country. Most of them were found, strangely enough, in Italy, and least of all – in the United Kingdom. Usually they were older, overweight, smoked, more likely to drink and did not exercise. Low productivity of men with ED was more than twice as likely as healthy ones , in 25 and 11% of cases respectively. In addition, they were twice as likely to be absent from the workplace. I didn’t feel much side effects after taking Viagra pills, rather it was just fatigue from prolonged sex. Some write that the drug is not compatible with alcohol – nothing like that, just don’t drink a lot, that’s all. Among other things, such workers were much more likely to be overtaken by depression and other mental disorders that could affect the results of work.  In the most part it was expressed in the Chinese, in the least – in the Brazilians. “This study shows that erectile dysfunction remains a serious problem that affects productivity,” the study authors note.

Interesting research and on many grounds objective. It has long been no secret that erectile function in men is a marker of health, and not only cardiovascular and endocrine systems, but also the psyche. At the same time, the state of health and productivity are two sides of the same coin, a truth that does not require confirmation. I am glad that the study, sponsored by the company producing the most famous drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and certainly interested in the sale of its products, is very reasonable and truthful.