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Drop off my prescription yesterday, I instructed them I would pick it up today. Showed up and they couldn’t find my prescription. Then the pharmacy manager Ray makes it seem like it was our fault they lost the prescription and stated “well,what do you want me to tell you…it’s not here”. I wouldn’t care for the incident if it wasn’t a heart medication I need. So unprofessional, I was planning on switching our families medication to H-E-B Pharmacy, but no more.

H-E-B Pharmacy
Address: 7112 Ed Bluestein Blvd #125, Austin, TX 78723, United States
Phone: +1 512-926-0586

Melanie, drive through pharmacy tech, was very rude. Used the GOOD RX app at the drive through, she seemed very upset with me as if me trying to save money was a huge inconvenience to her, telling me we already used the Good RX and it’s this much. When I pulled it up it was under $12, a few dollars less than what she told me. She wanted me to circle around and get back in line, no one was behind me. I just could not understand her thinking and her attitude was just unprofessional. Not happy with this place.

After having trouble at all the major pharmacies (I called at least 20 different locations) the staff at East Austin Medicine Shop were the only ones that offered to help me. They took the time to understand the difficulty and to help solve the problem with the prescribing doctor, and were even able to make sure the doctor prescribed an Modafinil that was going to be covered by my insurance. All of the staff there were kind, knowledgeable, and patient enough to get the job done. They have definitely earned my future business. My partner picked up a prescription that seemed expensive and asked if our insurance was applied. They said it was and she paid and left. She called me and we figured out we were overcharged by $31 since our insurance wasn’t actually applied to the sale price. Apparently this was a good pharmacy but there’s been some turn over, I’d avoid it for new order.

East Austin Medicine Shop
Address: 1909 E 38th 1/2 St Ste C2, Austin, TX 78702, United States
Phone: +1 512-643-0999

I really don’t know about this East Austin Medicine Shop… they seemed very disorganized… the pharmacist seems to be ringing up people because of insurance issues… I’m a patient person.. but here is grandma waiting for over an hour for her Modafinil..and I came in for a booster.. and the very young girl didn’t acknowledge me until I started peaking over the counter .. and I was standing there for 20 minutes… the manager came in to help ring.. but seemed lost himself….. also I got an alert that my vaccine is complete.. but I’m still waiting here for over an hour to get called back to actually have it taken… .. this wasnt the case when I got my vaccine at the other location… i wouldn’t recommended this pharmacy. The staff seems like they are completely incompetent… Thank you Scott and Ellie for the tremendous service I have received over the last couple of years. Scott and Ellie go beyond the call of duty to make sure all of my prescriptions are filled correctly with compassionate and exceptional care. You will not be disappointed. Love this pharmacy, have been going to it on and off for 8 years…

Cardinal Health
Address: 6448 US-290 # 102, Austin, TX 78723, United States
Phone: +1 614-757-5000

Some things to keep in mind, these pharmacists in the Cardinal Health incredibly OVERWORKED, for those who complained about bad service or having to wait , they have to constantly deal with dr offices, insurance companies on the phone, as well as patient telephone queries , in addition to actually dispensing medications and now vaccinations (which I was able to get a last min appt today for covid for the 1st shot, due to getting there at a lucky time for me but not Ellie, the pharmacist who had to do a million things at once ) for the continual stream of patients who are there for meds(like a Modafinil), covid vax and flu shots .

Scott who’s been there forever, is super chill and nice to me and Ellie goes out of her way for me and is super kind, knowing I have health issues, am reclusive and homebound a lot, in the 15 months I’ve had the pleasure of her constant kindness and help.

Vina Pharmacy Inc
Address: 11207 N Lamar Blvd suite A, Austin, TX 78753, United States
Phone: +1 512-977-8844

Scott is wonderful! One time they were closing and I said oh I needed to get my antibiotics filled, and he reopened and finished my request then closed! They are very caring! Choose a different pharmacy people or buy medication online, these guys don’t want your business! Had to call 8 times, 2 pick up/hang up, 4 ringing until line went dead, 1 on hold until line went dead. Finally called cub foods store and asked for someone to please WALK over to the Vina Pharmacy Inc and ask them to answer the phone. She said “Oh, yes ok!” As of this is a common problem. Someone answers right away on my 9th call to the pharmacy. SERIOUSLY? Horrible service! Please save yourself the stress and choose another pharmacy! The male pharmacist that always seems to be there does not care about you, just so frustrated with this pharmacy and this guy! The female manager of this Vina Pharmacy Inc is incredibly rude.

My husband tried to pick up my prescription a few minutes after the pharmacy closed (apparently they updated their hours a couple weeks go) while there were still 3 people working inside the pharmacy. I had received an email 30 minutes prior that my Modafinil, which I waited all day for after my doctor sent it, was ready for pickup. He explained that I needed the medication, without it, I will be very dizzy. The cashier called the manager to ask about getting it, since there was adequate staff to make an exception, however, she was incredibly rude to him and told him to, “Come back another time,” completely ignoring his plea that I need this med.